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Cosmic Shock League

Cosmic Shock League is a puzzle and strategy porn game for android that you can download now at Nutaku. It is similar to Bejeweled but it is filled with amazing hentai porn and gorgeous girls. The goal of Cosmic Shock League is to match tiles and complete puzzles to unlock uncensored hentai porn and new girls. It is a serious sci-fi action adventure android porn game that you will not be able to stop playing! The best part about Cosmic Shock League is battling other players to win treasure chests filled with gold, power ups and other loot 🙂 Scroll down, watch the trailer and check out the gameplay screenshots. Then click the button below to play Cosmic Shock League free now!

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Watch the Cosmic Shock League introduction video below:

Cosmic Shock League gameplay sceenshots:

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Cosmic Shock League sex and girls:

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